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bquest is building a range of business models for sustainable growth by providing satisfaction to Korean consumers and global brands through diverse experience and services.

arrow up In 2017, bquest signed investment partnership and using this as a turning point, bquest is now entering Business step 2.

brain bquest is building a business model for sustainable growth by providing satisfaction to Korean consumers and global brands through diverse experience and services.

In January 2011, bquest entered Korean H&B market by launching ARTDECO
Establishing Investment Partnership for “Sustainable business model” (Dec 2017)
Turning Point
2011 $0.3
2012 $2.0
2013 $2.1
2014 $3
2015 $6.7
2016 $10.9
2017 $16.5
2018 $27.1
2019 $45.4
2020 $68.1
2021 $90.9
2022 $136
Business Step 1 Business Step 2

Key Strategy of Business Step 1

Successful Korean cosmetics market entry with establishment of infrastructure for global brand distribution and marketing




After successful entry in Health & Beauty market in 2011, we have been continuously expanding our off-line doors. As of 2017, bquest is coving all of the doors in whole Health & Beauty channels and promoting sales activity.(Based on door / main display)

We are also expanding to Perfumery channel which has been growing since 2017.

R Brand 1,064 2 1,066
R.H Brand 91 181 3 1 2 278
A Brand 152 92 244
W Brand 5 102 50 6 163
F brand 2 144 3 6 155
E Brand 160 160
C Brand 184 184
H brand 164 164
M Brand 4
TOTAL 1,314 935 149 9 7 4 2418


bquest covers every online distribution channels from major shopping malls owned by major companies to social commerce like Coupang, wemakeprice as well as open market mall like g-market, auction, 11th street, etc. Each channel has different strategies based on its characteristics and target consumer, and we perform sales activity in close relationship with each of the channels we work with.

Sales activity in close relationship with channels based on our specialized strategies helps on increasing brand awareness.

Major Shopping Mall Speciality Mall Social Commerce Open Market Mall
Major Shopping Mall, Speciality Mall, Social Commerce, Open Market Mall



Based on the unique identity and concept of each brand, especially the brand’s product strategy, we design Displays and VMD and implement Instore Marketing activities through brand and consumer communication.


Our content & commerce website, KOKONUT, conducts a variety of digital content planning, production, distribution, and related commerce strategies with a goal of providing cosmetics review and ‘How to use’ contents for Korean consumers. As of December 2017, approximately 330,000 members databases had been joined.

330,000 member's database in Dec 2017
69,197 330,000 Jan Dec kokonut members variation in 2017

Key Strategy of Business Step 2

Expansion of the distribution market for global brands hoping to enter and grow.

Platform business of global brands and various satisfaction.

Retail store business to provide a wide range of experiences.


Strategy for Distribution Market Expansion

bquest is expected to expand to the distribution market including TV home shopping, department stores, and duty free shops etc. To support the global brands in various categories, concepts, and price positions, who hope to enter into the Korean market and successfully develop its business.

Strategy for Platform Business

Global brands and Korean consumers are to be interconnected via Market Entry Platform, where supports the successful entry and growth of the Korean market, and via Crowd Sourcing Platform, where supports various brand experiences for Korean consumers.

Market Entry Platform
Market Entry Platform, where reviews that global brand’s commitment, capability, and success prospects for entering the Korean market, expands our professional Consulting Service such as the Korean market report and the Korean Consumer trend report for future business.
Crowd Sourcing Platform
For women in their 20s and 30s who want to experience various global brands, Crowd Sourcing Platform aims to operate a consumer community with high brand loyalty through the launching and direct/indirect brand experience created by consumer participation.

Strategy for Retail Store Business

We plan to increase sales by providing on/offline linked promotion and diverse experience to Korean consumers through Brand Stand Alone Store and Selective Multi Brands Shop.

Brand Stand Alone Store

Increase sales through linked promotion between bquest online members and Brand stand alone store via O2O business.

Performance & Target

bquest achieved 182 Billion Won based in 2017, for both Off & Online channel ( sell out / exclude VAT). After successfully achieving 20% annual growth plan until 2017 for H&B Channel which is our main market, we set an average annual growth rate of 60% by 2020.

(excluded VAT)bquest Business Performance Whole Sales

arrow H&B Doors Rate 20% arrow bquest Average Growth 60%