about bquest

Distribution and Marketing specialist who provides support global brands’ market entry and growth.

2011.1 In January 2011, bquest entered Korean Health & Beauty market by launching No.1 German Color Cosmetics brand ARTDECO in Olive Young, and has been building its distribution and marketing infrastructure by expanding its brand portfolio and distribution channels continuously since its establishment.

2017.12 In December 2017, we secured a foundation for establishing ‘sustainable business model’ by completing financial investment. In addition to our existing distribution and marketing capabilities, this new partnership enabled us to plan to develop a platform business for the successful Korea business as well as retail store business focusing on consumer experience which connects Korean consumers and global brands.

global bquest will build and develop diverse business models to satisfy both Korean consumers who want to experience various global brands and diverse global brands who want to enter Korean market in the future.

about bquest

bquest is equipped with professional infrastructure and capabilities to successfully enter global brands in Korean market and grow their business.

Three Business Units, including 8 different business teams will cooperate with partners to provide total solutions for Korea business from import, marketing to consumer communications and sales.

Business Solution for Korea Market
about bquest
    Business Unit
    TM Team - Communication - Brand Identity - Promotion BM Team - Brand Strategy - Assortment - STP Strategy MEP Team - Partnership - Contract - Communication
    Business Unit
    CM Team - Distribution - Brand Identity - Promotion SM Team - Store Management - Sales Management - Promotion Manage MD Team - Distribution - Sales Planning - Online Channels
    Business Unit
    CSP Team - Crowd Sourcing - Community - Contents
    Business Unit
    SCM Team - Forecasting - Payment Planning - WMS SI Team - System Integration - Solution Development - Big Data & Analytics
2018 BCA Korea Organization

bquest’s headquarter is located in Gangnam, Seoul. More, we plan to operate local branches throughout Korea. bquest’s Japan branch will help various Japanese global brands and their distribution and marketing within Korea.

Seoul office
Japan office